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Panduan Dasar After Effects: Efek Gabungan dan Kontrol Layer

Beberapa efek bergantung pada layer kontrol (atau layer map) sebagai masukan. Efek senyawa ini menggunakan nilai pixel dari layer kontrol untuk menentukan bagaimana mempengaruhi piksel layer yang diaplikasikan pada (layer tujuan). Terkadang, efeknya menggunakan nilai kecerahan piksel pada layer kontrol; Dalam beberapa kasus, efeknya menggunakan nilai saluran individual piksel pada layer kontrol.

Misalnya, efek Displacement Map menggunakan nilai kecerahan dari layer kontrol untuk menentukan seberapa jauh pergeseran piksel pada layer dasar, dan ke arah mana. Efek Shatter dapat menggunakan dua layer kontrol-satu untuk mengkustomisasi bentuk potongan yang hancur dan satu untuk mengontrol bila bagian tertentu dari layer tujuan meledak.

Efek majemuk mengabaikan efek, mask, dan transformasi layer kontrol. Untuk menggunakan hasil efek, mask, dan transformasi pada layer, gunakan precompose layer dan layer precomposition sebagai layer kontrol.

Adalah umum untuk menggunakan layer kontrol yang ti…
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Visual element of Graphic Design: Form and Typography

Form is described as any three-dimensional object. Forms are the 3D equivalents of shapes and as such are measured by their height, width and depth. Form can be illustrated or constructed and can be defined by the presence of shadows on services or faces of an object and can be enhanced by tone, texture and colour.

Form adds visual dimension and can be stimulating and engaging to the eye because it adds realism and depth that draws you in. Form adds a 3D quality that can trigger sensations of touch, rough, smooth, hard soft, hot or cold, round or pointy. Because of this visual dynamic form can be used to create a distinct look and feel to a piece of graphic design work.

So in design there are two types of form: Geometric and organic.

Geometric forms are forms that appear manmade. Whether simple or complex these produce a feeling of control order and appear clean and sterile. Organic forms, are forms that appear more natural. Organic forms whether simple complex produce a natural feel.

Visual element of Graphic Design: Space

Space creates the visual essence and dynamic of a composition. In design there are two types of space: Positive space and negative space.

Positive space can be perceived as two dimensional or three-dimensional. Positive space refers to the shapes of objects. It usually refers to anything that is considered the main focus of the page.

Negative space is the white space or empty space which is the part of the design that is not there, the space between the visual elements. This can also be the background colour of a design. Negative space can be just as integral to the design as the positive space.

Negative space is important because it helps frame and contain a composition. Negative space connects or disconnects shapes to suggest relationships between shapes. Negative space avoids visual clutter and looks clean which can help balance a composition and help focus the viewer on something specific.

In design what creates positive and negative space is the arrangement and visual appearance…